Hotbeds of Eremia

Tanha / The Hotbeds of Eremia*

28 pages Underground Comic pamphlet

Limited edition of 50 , Numbered / No future re-publication

What does Eremia Mean?

*Eremia is an old word for the state of the Heremitic, Chosen Solitude, desired Loneliness

About this work

Tanha, the protagonist, in this underground comic series , is neither a Big-fist Hero nor a big-breast Heroin; Instead of all that ,Tanha has a sharp and bitter critical viewpoint towards society. Tanha tends to paint and read books, while finding him/herself in contradiction with Social values and norms…. For Tanha , the society and its role as an integral element in the formation of humanity is under question. The alienated society is seen as something harmfully Unnatural and inherently destructive.